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Capital Credits

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Co-op Membership Pays

Did you know you actually own Tri-County Electric Cooperative? As a member-owner, you are entitled to margins, also known as the Co-op’s profits. These are called capital credits and are returned to you in the form of a check or a billing credit. That’s because the Co-op uses that money to improve electrical infrastructure. When capital credits are returned to members, you are seeing the return on your investment. This is one of the benefits of being served by a non-profit utility.

For more information, contact Carol Timmons:
850-973-8033 or Email


Things a member should know:

  • Your capital credits are reserved for you even if you discontinue TCEC services. We will attempt to reach you at your last known address when refunds are issued.
  • To claim a check returned by mail, or request re-issue of a lost check, you must provide valid identification.
  • If you call to establish a new service in the future, tell us if you’ve previously been a member to keep our records current.


Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Credits



Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

TCEC makes every effort to ensure our members receive the Capital Credits they are due. To accomplish this, it is very important for TCEC to have your current mailing address. Many of the check are returned by the U.S. Post Office marked as undeliverable. If you see your name below, please call Tri-County Electric at 800-999-2285, ext. 203 to claim your check.



Ace,  Ray II
Alex Seafood inc c/o Sam Hutcheson
Alexander, Eddie L
Alexander, Travis
All Pets Bed & Breakfast
Allen, Gary
Anderson, Patricia
Anderson, Steve
Ashley, Paul
Avera, Austin & Ada
Ayers, Denise

Bacon, Raymond C
Bailey, David
Ballentine, James H
Balnton, C J
Barstow, Dale M
Beckler, Leroy
Bennett, Howard James
Bennett, James T
Bentley, Kim
Berryhill, Marsha H
Bevan, Richard J Jr.
Bird, Alan C or Janice
Black, John & Jo
Blair, Hunter
Boatman, Michael
Boothe, Beverly
Bowden, Nancy A
Boyington, Darrell
Braddock, Pam
Bradford Energy Corporation
Bradley, Joe Jr
Brafford, Nancy B
Brantley, Richard c/o Nora Poole
Britner, Vickie
Brock, Vernon E
Brooks, Billy L
Bryan, Shirley
Bryant, Arthur
Bryant, Diane
Bucanana, Teresa G
Buntenbach, Rick
Byington, Allen
Byington, Laura M

Calhoun, Tammy
Capps, Ron
Carlson, Kim
Carroll, David J
Carroll, Julie
Carter, Charlie
Centry 21 c/o Grady Moore
Chancey, J R Jr
Chappell, James
Chavarria, Harold
Cheney, Robert
Cherry, James
Clark, O Wayne
Cochran, Jim
Coefield, Patricia
Coffee, Eva Mae
Coker, Cliff
Collins, Angela M
Comer Enterprises Inc
Cone, Lillian (Mrs)
Contreras, Tomas G
Coody, Darron
Cook, Frankie P
Cook, Kevin (Rev)
Cooks, Donna
Cooper, Mike
Copeland, Raymond E
Cronk, Paul
Crump, William F
Cummins, Matt

Daisy, C J
Dale, Joseph W
Davis, Hoke Jr
Davis, Terry
Deas, Susie (Mrs)
Denmark, David
Dickey, Toby
Dlaton, Ronald B
Duncan, Paul
Duvall, Ken

E G G Dynatrand
Edmonston, Janice
Effenberger, Patricia A
Ellender, Leah
England, James E
English, William
Epperson, Robert
Etheridge, David
Evans, O L Jr

Faircloth, David L
Farkas, Greg B
Floyd, Shawn
Folsom, Ronald & Marcy
Ford, Betty
Ford, Steven A
Four Seasons
Fowler, John
Fox, Glen
Franklin, Willie
Freeman, Dianne Therese
Freeman, Eric
French, Marvin
Frow, Eveline
Frow, Joseph L
Fussell, Paul C
Futch, Bobby

Gasparrini, Donna
Glass, James D
Glass, Joe
Goetschius, Douglas
Gomez, Franklin
Goolsby, Odelia A
Gordie, Vannessa c/o Elwood Strevel
Gowan, Thomas P
Graham, Mary
Graham, Pat
Gray, Michael
Griffin, Naomi

Hackle, Ruby Lee
Hamilton, Billie
Hancock, Marvin
Hanners, Margie
Hardee, Linda
Harding, C G
Harnage, Lonnie
Harris, Tony
Henderson, Robert
Hendry, James & Janice
Hentschel, Charles
Herzberger, John C & Patricia
Hester, Thomas W
Hickey, Donald
Hicks, Walter G
Higgins, Roland A
Hines, Tom
Hudson, Charles W
Hulburt, Vivian
Hunter, Wanda
Hutto, Kelly
Hutto, Roger D
Hymel, Roddy

Isbell, Robert K

Jackson, Edwin L
James Cable Partners
Johns, Bobby
Johnson, Lunetta
Jones, Elizabeth Michelle
Jones, Janet D
Jones, Mary Lee
Jones, Pamela
Jowers, J W

Kauffman, W C
Kellow, Robert O II
Kimble, Daniel E
King, Eugene Jr
King, Margie
Kinsey, Edwin
Kinzy, Tracie
Kirby, Brian H
Knight, Sharen
Knowles, Lila
Knutch, Doulas E

Lamb, Raymond C
Lanyon, Harry Leon
Lariviere, Sandra J
Lasseter, Wayne
Lavalley, Walter
Lemon Bay Electric Inc
Levine, Lawrence & Betty
Levingston, Theresa
Littleton, Robert
Livingston, Bill & Betty
Long, Robert Jr

Main, Patrick & Robin
Mann, Ruth
Marks, E L
Marshall, Elizabeth N
McCall, George Lindsey
McCall, Mark
McClure, Todd
McCord, Wayne Leon
McCorkle, Charles
McCranie, Charles
McCray, Sadie M
McCue, William C
McDonald, Charles
McGowan, Margaret J
McKnight, Amy
McLellan, Dorothy E
McLeod, Donald
McQuay, Melvin
Mehchof, Karl & Gloria
Meredith, Ralph
Miller, Bradford A
Miller, Robert Mein
Millican, John
Mills, Connie
Mills, Louie L
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, William D
Mize, John
Mizell, Ashley
Moore, Courtney
Morehouse, Gerald E Sr
Morgan, Kimeryly L
Morris, Gloria
Morris, Wendy L
Moye, Jack

Nettles, Randy
Newbern, Jeanette
Norman, Terry R
Nutall Volunteer Fire Dept c/o Wilda Brown

Obando, Donald
Odom, Charlie (Mrs)
Odom, Ruby
Oliver, Mark
Overbaugh, Helen

Padgett, Betty
Padgett, Wayne
Palmer, Chester
Parsons, Garnet
Peel, Herb
Pegues-Felder, Lisa
Pendergast, Frank
Perry, Larry A
Petty, Sylvia
Pickel, George
Pineda, Tomas Bravo
Pippin, Ronald
Ponder, Chuck
Pop's Place c/o Steve Hall
Powell, Marvin
Price, Janis
Pridgeon, Robert
Prior, W A

Quillin, Deborah

Rarick, Wendy Ann R
Raulerson, Barney O
Redwine, James
Reed, Gerald H
Regan, Laura L
Rewis, Jeff
Richardson, Karen J
Richeson, Roger
Ross, Lawrence
Rowell, Charles
Rutherford, David

Samson, Barbara
Sanders, Al J
Sapone, Tony
Saucier, Alan D
Savy, John Phillip
Schmaltz, Jefffery P
Schoen Paul S
Scott, F E
Seago, David
Sharpton, Lisa
Shaw, Melvin
Sims, Glenn Wayne
Sistrunk, Cecil
Smith, John
Smith, Ronnie Lee
Smith, Samantha
Snead, Ethel
Snider, Cory R
Solomon, Martha
Southeast Cable TV
Spears, William
Stanley, Carmen
Starling, Henry A
Stelmachers, Raymond
Stephens, Samantha
Stokely, Ronnie & Lori
Straws, Delores
Strege, Johnny
Strickland, Donald C
Suazo, Carmen Elizabeth
Sullivan, Joseph C
Supon, John

Texeira, Manuel
Thomas, Dean
Thomas, Kimberly
Thomas, Mamie T (Mrs)
Tiner, Margaret Wilson
Todd, Betty Jean
Topicz, Alexander
Touchton, Patrick
Townsend, Thomas
Trivett, Weldon M

United Petroleum Inc

Vann, Sam C
Vickers, Doug

Walker, John W
Walker, Katie
Waller, Rod
Washington, Albert J
Washington, Garfield
Watkins, Eugene D
Weaver, Lori
Webb, Laticha
West, R W
Westmoreland, William P
Whiddon, Evelena
White, Sidney
Williams, Colleen
Williams, Dana M
Williams, Sarah E
Williams, Sonny
Williamson, Donna D
Winningham, Charles & Bessie
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Joe
Woodley, Craig
Wright, Angela R
WWFO Radio Station c/o Adam Levinson

Young, Rodney W

Zeigler, Will

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What are Capital Credits?

Capital Credits reflect each member’s ownership in the Cooperative. Tri-County Electric Cooperative does not earn profits in the sense the investor-owned utilities earn profits for their investors. Instead, any margins or revenues related to the sale of electric service remaining after all expenses have been paid are returned to the Cooperative’s members in proportion to their electrical usage.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative uses the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method.

What happens if a member or former member fails to claim their check?

If any member or former member fails to claim any check representing retirement of capital credits within two years after payment has been attempted and 60 days has expired from the date of publication in the Cooperative’s newsletter or in a local newspaper, such failure shall constitute an irrevocable assignment and gift of such credits to the Cooperative. All donated funds go to unclaimed capital then, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, up to 25% of all such funds may be paid to the Cooperative’s Energizing Education Scholarship Fund or a qualified educational charity as selected by the Board of Trustees.

Distribution of Patronage Capital of Deceased Patrons

Effective June 1, 2013, the appropriate representative of a deceased Cooperative member’s estate can select one of two options for processing allocated capital credits:

  1. Continue to receive distribution of capital credits at full value during the regular retirement cycle, or
  2. Receive a lump sum discounted capital credit refund. The discount rate will reflect the present value of an amount that would otherwise be received in the future to reflect the time value of money.

What happens in case of a deceased member?

TCEC bylaws/ policy provide for the option of an early retirement of the capital credits of a deceased member to his or her estate. Representatives of a deceased member’s estate can choose whether to receive the deceased member’s capital credits in the form of a present valued lump sum payout or to wait and receive the monies as they are retired as part of the normal, non-discounted retirement process of the Cooperative. Upon request by the appropriate documentation, the cooperative will pay the discounted, net present value of the capital credits to the estate of the deceased member. The amount of such distributions will be calculated using a discount rate that equals the Cooperative’s weighted average cost of capital and taking into account the date that the distribution would have occurred. Discounting provides a fair way to recognize special circumstances while continuing to treat members equally. If the discount option is exercised, the payment shall be final and binding in all regard.


What should I do if I receive a check in the wrong name or in the name of a deceased member?

Contact Member Services at 1-800-999-2285, or stop by one of our offices in Madison, Jefferson or Taylor counties.

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