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Three TCEC Employees Retire

With over 100 years of service between them, three dedicated cooperative employees retired in early 2021. They are greatly missed during the day-to-day service to our members, but remain a big part of the TCEC family.


TCEC VP of Operations Darrell Tuten formal headshotDarrell Tuten, Vice President of Operations
After 42 years of dedicated service to TCEC, Darrell Tuten, Vice President of Operations retired on Friday, February 12, 2021. Darrell began his career at the Co-op in 1979 as a tree trimmer and worked his way through lineman training to journeyman lineman in 1988. He served as a crew leader before advancing to Cooperative Foreman, where he managed the day-to-day jobs of the line crews. For nine years he worked as Operations Supervisor and in 2010 he was promoted to Operations Manager and became responsible for all operations related to line crews, right-of-way, servicemen, substations, transmission lines and mechanics. In 2018 his title was changed to Vice President of Operations. Darrell looks forward to spending more time raising cattle and working on his farm.


Sharon Boothe, Fiscal Assistant Sharon Boothe was a 20-year veteran in the finance division of the Cooperative. She meticulously went about her job working with auditors, banking associations, and assisting the Vice President of Finance with financial forecasts and annual budgets. Her last official day of service was January 4, 2021. Sharon is a big supporter of “Operation Outdoor Freedom,” and volunteering her time to help Florida’s wounded veterans.


Bill Kinsey TCEC lineman Bill Kinsey, Serviceman TCEC Serviceman Bill Kinsey retired on February 15, 2021 following a 39-year career. During his tenure, he completed his lineman training and earned his journeyman lineman certification. Bill enjoyed working and meeting members throughout the co-op’s service territory, and he appreciated spending these last several years in Jefferson County as a serviceman. One of the things he looks most forward to is not having to wake up to an alarm, setting his own schedule, and enjoying more time with his family.







More than CustomersTCEC Members of various age, sex, and race

You are more than a customer. Author Anthony J. D’Angelo observed that, “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

To a large degree, this reflects TCEC’s philosophy toward our consumer-members and the broader service territory that we serve. As a cooperative, we have a different bottom line. While our priority is always to provide reliable and safe energy, there is another equally important part of this equation. Your well-being and that of the larger community that we serve are of paramount concern.

In 1940, TCEC was founded to fulfill a vital need in our community that would not have otherwise been met. Concerned local leaders came together to build this co-op and bring electricity where there was none. Back then, cities were electrified, but rural areas were not. At that time, members of the community understood we were different because they likely knew someone who helped to create TCEC. Those newly established electric lines helped power economic opportunity in our area.

The same spirit our founding fathers carried with them exists today, the spirit of equity and inclusion remains a vital part of our co-op DNA. When TCEC was founded, each member contributed an equal share in order to gain access to electricity that benefited individual families as well as the larger local community. Each member had an equal vote in co-op matters.

Over time, folks in the community may have come to think of us as simply another energy provider. But we are not. We are a co-op that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the communities we serve, and we can do this because of consumer-members like you. Since our inception, we have sought feedback and engagement from our members and that of the larger community to guide our long-term decisions. Membership is open to everyone on our service territory, regardless of race, religion, age, disability, gender identity, language, political perspective, or socioeconomic status. This ties back to our guiding principles of equitable economic participation and democratic control of the co-op.

We know members of our community have different needs and perspectives, and we welcome diverse views on all issues under consideration by the co-op. The more viewpoints we hear, the better able we are to reflect on all corners of our community. It is another reason why we hold the annual meeting, district meetings, and ambassador meetings throughout the year, to engage our consumer-members and get your feedback about your co-op. We strive to find new ways to help you use energy more efficiently. We are always looking to explore new options that will help you manage your energy use such as energy audits or providing flexible payment options when necessary.

To us, you are not just a customer, you are a member of our co-op and without you, we would not exist.

In short, we are always seeking to keep pace with the changing environment, evolving technology, and shifting consumer expectations.

TCEC members help guide important co-op decisions that improve and enrich our community. We value the perspective of our board members, who are members of the co-op and community – just like you. As a local business, we have a stake in the community. Our priority may bTCEC members of various age, sex and race e to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy, but we also want to be a catalyst for good in our community. That is why we support local charitable organizations such as United Way, local food share organizations, scholarship programs, education programs, and more. When our members support these efforts, you are supporting the community and making it a better place for everyone.

While today’s world is very different than it was in 1940, our cooperative values have stood the test of time and remain just as relevant today. We recognize that today’s co-op owner-members expect more, and we pledge to you – the members we proudly serve-is to promise a cooperative culture of inclusion, diversity, and equity for all.


Employees Recognized for their Years of Service to TCEC

During this time of thanks, celebration, and uncertainty - We would like to take time to thank and celebrate the certainty that is our dedicated employees.
We are thankful for them and for their years of service to the co-op & our members.

Willie Bell

30 Years of Service

William Carter

25 Years of Service

Steve Walden

25 Years of Service

Sharon Boothe

20 Years of Service

TCEC Male Employee Shane Roberts with 15 years of service award

Shane Roberts

15 Years of Service

TCEC Male employee Derrick Calhoun with 10 Years of Service Award

Derrick Calhoun

10 Years of Service

TCEC Femail Employee Sandra Harrison with 10 years of Service Award

Sandra Harrison

10 Years of Service

TCEC Male Employee Keith Ruff with 10 years of service award

Keith Ruff

10 Years of Service

TCEC male employee David Wesson with 10 Years of Service Award

David Wesson

10 Years of Service

TCEC Female employee Robbie Coker with 5 Years of Service award

Robbie Coker

5 Years of Service

TCEC Male Employee Chad Mitchell with 5 Years of Service Award

Chad Mitchell

5 Years of Service

TCEC male employee Andrew Pinkard with 5 Years of Service award

Andrew Pinkard

5 Years of Service


TCEC Male employee Seth Ragans with 5 Years of Service award

Seth Ragans

5 Years of Service

TCEC Male employee Jeremy Tuckey with 5 Years of Service  award

Jeremy Tuckey

5 Years of Service



TCEC Employees Complete Certification Programs


Recently several TCEC employees were recognized for successfully completing certification programs through Northwest Lineman College.

We are proud of their accomplishments and desire to take advantage of training opportunities such as these.

Their efforts are key to providing quality, safe, affordable electric service to our members.

5 Male TCEC employees outside holding framed certificates
Dusty Fletcher - Lineworker Certification
Kyle Fox - Lineworker Certification
Cody Holden - Lineworker Certification
Bailey Stewart - Lineworker Certification
Jason Hughey - Substation Technician Certification

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